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Owl City. by Nolan Wilson Goff
September 30, 2009, 10:17 pm
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Owl City is Adam Young.

And quite frankly, that is all Owl City needs. After several self-released albums, Owl City has finally broken into mainstream music with the latest release, Ocean Eyes.


As I walk down my dorm hallway, it is not uncommon to hear multiple occurrences of Young’s music. His music resonates with young people.

Drawing comparisons to Ben Gibbard’s The Postal Service, Young’s music is foundationally electronic pop.  Targeting the “Facebook” generation, Young’s lyrics are arguably every bit as good as Gibbard’s, and they make young girls swoon for their Prince Charming. The songs are filled with fantastic electronic beats, loops, and fantasy. Young sings of the most fantastic things (check out tracks “Meteor Shower” and “Fireflies”) and the most mundane things (“Dental Care”).

If you don’t like electronic music, chances are you will not enjoy Owl City. But if you happen to enjoy The Postal Service or Daft Punk, you will without a doubt keep Owl City on repeat for months.oceanEyes_icon

Does Adam Young’s Owl City match up to the talented Ben Gibbard?

-Nolan Wilson Goff

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Funny story. We did a full page feature on Owl City back in Issue 12. I was sitting in a meeting with Universal right when that issue came out and they freaked out when they saw it. They had just signed him a few days prior to that feature! Pretty cool!

Comment by substreammusicpress

I firmly disagree with the suggestion that if you like the Postal Service that you’ll like Owl City. Notwithstanding the obviously similar sound, to the attuned listener there is a massive leap in quality in the music, vocals and lyrical content when you put the Postal Service alongside Owl City. Adam does a good job at copying but just doesn’t have the talent of Gibbard. Still, he’s young so maybe he’ll develop into something better and (hopefully) something a bit more of his own invention.

Comment by Quality Counts

Thanks for the comment. Your right, not many people can top Ben Gibbard. I think the similarities are definitely there, though.

P.S. I saw Owl City live a month ago. really good show. I encourage you to see them.

Comment by Nolan Wilson Goff

I love owl city… soothing songs… synth pop rules!

Comment by Zashime

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