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Tyler’s Top 5 Albums of the Decade by tylercoenrrea
December 27, 2009, 12:03 am
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-by Tyler Correa-

5. Wolfmother (2006) – Wolfmother

A mixture of folk, metal, alternative and a strong resemblance to the classic rock vibe, this band from Australia is a major accomplishment of talent. With it’s the mesmerizing voice of Andrew Stockdale and the band’s overflowing creativity, Wolfmother is one of the decade’s most fascinating albums. With lyrics that closely follow along the influences of folk music, Stock dale and his fellow Aussies remind us why rock can be so fun.

4. Audioslave (2002) – Audioslave

Take Rage Against The Machine and replace lead singer Zack de la Rocha with Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell and you got Audioslave. Cornell’s powerful voice mixed with Tom Morello’s stylish guitar rhythyms was a match made in heaven. Their style, suggested as a mixture of 70s hard rock and 90s alternative, is what made their self-titled debut a modern day masterpiece. The album ranges from many different tracks some hard, rocking songs such as “Cochise” and “Show Me How To Live” and the hauntingly quieter pieces like “What You Are” and “Like A Stone.” Their songs dived into the issues of abuse, rejection, and death. Audioslave was a short-lived band with rockers from the 90s who were given a second chance in another decade. They did a fine job.

3. Night Ripper (2006) – Girl Talk

Gregg Michael Gillis, a Pittsburgh DJ, who goes by the stage name Girl Talk is proof that mash-ups and digital sampling is not only a way to mix tunes but a form of art in its own right. Using over 200 samples from different tracks, Gillis creates an ongoing, unstoppable ensemble of music never keeping the same beat for longer than a minute. Not only does Night Ripper offer a variety of diverse beats, it also juxtaposes familiar rhythms of catchy rock and pop songs and the foulest of all foul-mouthed rap lyrics to create a satire on musical taste. Maybe not a satire, but a statement about the state of our listening habits, attention span, and tolerance of trashy lyrics for the sake of a good beat. Either way it’s looked at, Night Ripper is the work of a pioneer in both the DJ culture and the music industry.

2. Black Holes and Revelations (2006) – Muse

What I love about Muse is their unique sound. Unlike many other bands, they are unpredictable and pure talent through and through. Black Holes is beautifully crafted work of music. Bold, original, and brilliant, Muse’s creativity runs wild in the album that almost redefines a genre. Everything runs smoothly on a rough line of electric rhythm and hard rock. Black Holes is Muse’s best album because it provides them the certain freedom many bands forget is what makes their style unique. Not a single song sounds the same and Muse is a powerhouse of creativity and artistic integrity.

1. Oracle Spectacular (2008) – MGMT

Who the hell is this band? Everyone was asking the same thing. Exploding with their smash hit “Kids,” MGMT made a splash into the mainstream world. What’s strange about MGMT, at least to me, was their sound. I didn’t think much of it. But after a few days, “Kids,” “Time To Pretend,” and “Electric Feel” could not leave my head. Their music is almost intoxicating and in a very good way. MGMT isn’t my favorite band but Oracle Spectacular is my favorite album of this decade. It’s a stylish blend of funk, electronica, and pure joy. A breath of fresh air in a genre that needed some life in it, MGMT is a wonderful group of artist who I hope continue their ongoing quest of originality.

Honorable mentions:

It’s Blitz! (Yeah Yeah Yeahs)

Viva La Vida (Coldplay)

The Fame (Lady Gaga)

With Teeth (Nine Inch Nails)


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